Opportunites in the Lucarative Adult Only Market


An Oasis of chill and sophistication with a little "grown up" magic!


The trend toward large resorts, most catering to families and offering many in-house amenities, has placed significant competitive pressure on smaller properties. To compete, some of these smaller resorts are moving to customer specialization. By catering specifically to a one-niche type of customer, these resorts can, not only survive, but actually achieve higher room and occupancy rates than the mega-resorts. These smaller resorts in the Palm Springs and surrounds (Desert Cities) areas of California as well are striving to re-attract visitors that they had in the long since gone heydays of the mid last century. However, in the Desert Cities area, the market that continues to thrive regardless of the economy and trends is the Adult – Only, Kid Free market.


Our plan...

is to appeal to this market and add the element of Experiential Entertainment. With Experiential Entertainment, the audience participates with the performers to create the entertainment. We will create a tasteful, private and mature as well as sensual vacation (Think of Cirque de Soliel’s R-rated Zoomanity show, which incorporates some amount of audience interaction and a sense of wonder and awe with a sensual twist.) The people who are attracted to our resort are open-minded people who want a vacation where there are no children, and want to use the openly sensual atmosphere to enhance their own committed relationship, or if single, find someone with similar lifestyle and values: an appreciation of art, creativity, out of the box thinking and adventure.


Mark Cuben in the October 15, 2013 episode of Shark Tank invested a large sum of money into LA Haunted House so they could expand into New York City stating “Experiential Entertainment is the future of Entertainment.” Over the past decade, Experiential Entertainment groups such as Lucent Dossier and the Do Lab have increased their business hundred fold and have gone from starving artists to world travelled full time well paid performers because of the popularity of Experiential Entertainment.


What will our experiential entertainment look like?
Our experiential entertainment will be in the form of a High Tea & Coffee with the Sultana in the mid mornings, an afternoon Hookah Lounge and Cigar Bar with the Sultan, Belly Dancers, Fire Dancers, Fan Dancers, Sword Dancers with Middle Eastern bands providing the backdrop. Evening entertainment to encourage meeting other guests with Chill Lounges with popular LA DJs spinning music that does not interfere with conversation, but enhances the atmosphere and still creates a space to dance.


And true to the name of Mermaid Springs beautiful Mermaids (and Mermen too!) poolside to entertain and delight.


Our Hollywood Set designer will create our signature “mythical magical love environments” indoor and outdoor – creations such as “Moon Nests” – globes of woven branches swinging from the trees for private cuddle spaces.  And of course servers dressed as harem girls to serve your drinks and bring your room service.


Did we mention the spa?

With hot soothing mineral water in the Jacuzzi and 6 treatment rooms along with several outdoor treatment areas, the spa services will rival much larger resorts. Catering to both couples and singles with exotic treatments and henna body art design services, with opportunities to dress in costume along with the performers, guests will feel like Sultans and Sultanas.


Classes for yoga and meditation, relationship enhancement, guided nature walks in the surrounding Joshua Tree National Forest, movie nights, and social hour events will round out the guest’s experience – they will truly feel like they have escaped to the Kasbah.

Our plan for continued success...

In addition to the ongoing revenue created by a very high occupancy rate and the spa services our plan is to create success with additional revenue from expanding the menu to 24 hour dining opportunities with a food & beverage surcharge, day and night passes, and entertainment ticket sales.


The Area - centrally located in the center of 4 major tourism destinations.

The Desert Cities area – including Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Palm Desert, Indian Wells and others has optimal weather, hot mineral waters, and cultural and shopping attractions. With more than 350 days of sunshine and less than 5.2 inches of rain, winter temperatures average in the 70s with nights in the mid-40s. The dry desert heat of summer pushes daytime temperatures into the 100s, which is enjoyed by sun seekers. Its location attracts weekend visitors from Phoenix, Arizona, Las Vegas Nevada, Los Angeles and all of Southern California. Visitors from Europe and all over the world visit the area for its healing mineral waters for longer visits. The resort we are planning to purchase has their own well!


Keeping it Small… (and compelling)

Those who desire an adult only kid free vacation will appreciate the tasteful, discreet methodology of this small resort. These vacationers often express that they also desire a sensual vacation, but do not feel comfortable attending a lifestyle resort, due to the “party” atmosphere and the public displays of sexual behavior. Our atmosphere will be “chill” tasteful, elegant and sophisticated. Areas for intimacy will be available… however in private settings. Our “chill” parties, events and mature atmosphere, vs. a high energy, wild party atmosphere, will attract the more mature 35-60 year old, a similar demographic to the cruise industry. Mostly married, college educated, and over $87,000 a year income. This group often travels with other couples, and in a mixed group with singles and couples, or in an all singles group of 4 or more. The experiential entertainment will attract the underground arts communities that already attend the larger festivals in the area such as Coachella, as they value freedom of expression and individual creativity and are already spending their vacation dollars in the area.


Jennifer DiFrancesco, director of The Well at Miramonte Resort & Spa in Indian Wells, has been in the spa business since 1990. “I have seen amazing growth in the industry,” she says. “It used to be an experience of solitude; and more and more, spa is an experience of togetherness. Eighteen years ago, there was hardly an idea of a couple’s treatment room; but by 2008, you would be foolish not to build a spa with a significant amount of togetherness space.” 


All Star Team

We have the team to make this happen!
Darlene H. Grimes (C.E.O.) and Kevin A. Kane (Resort Operator) along with a support team of highly qualified professionals in the hospitality, marketing, sales, legal and financial arenas have the experience and expertise to market and operate the resort.

Darlene H. Grimes, CEO, 30 Years background: Sales & Marketing of Real Estate, Conference & Retreat Center (management and marketing of a 170 acre multi-use campus 2000-2010,) and association management including Project Management. Formerly a Certified EcoBroker and specialist in sustainable building practices. Leads a team of 27 in her resort development company, Isle of Love, LLC. Her newest venture, Niche Resort Properties Management Group, LLC came from requests or resort professionals to utilize her strong team, project management  and leadership skills for management of existing resorts, and to assist them in raising capital for the adult-only kide free resort industry. Her specialty is to find out of the box creative solutions and blue ocean ideas  - like this crowdfunding campaign! Connect with her and the rest of the team at: [email protected]

Kevin A. Kane, Operations, 20+ years in Hospitality Operations, Facilities Management and Event Management, commercial kitchen cook and management from a small B & B in Alaska to a 1000 room conference center in Oklahoma City. Marriott trained. Strong Sales background as well, timeshare sales, front desk management and concierge services.

CFO: formerly of a Big 4 accounting firm 20+ years experience Fortune 500 in financial and accounting operations and forensic auditing. Serves as Interim CFO for start-ups as well as companies.

Current Owner/Operator of Resort: He specializes in taking unprofitable hotels and turning them into gold. In just a few years, he took this hotel and converted it to a thriving destination resort with a spa that exceeds the services of larger resorts. He and his partner designed the entire resort as a highly themed environment with incredible press reviews, 5 star guest ratings on all the popular peer to peer review sites, and most  importantly... the resort makes a profit in an economically depressed area for tourism (although it is on the rise recently.)  He has agreed to stay on for 6 months to assist us in our success.

Creative Director:  a Hollywood Art Director for over 30 years. Disney, Nat Geo, ‘Wysteria Lane” designer. set and Event Designer, landscape designer. He will create “mythical magical love environments” for the guests. His team will manage the creative direction of the performers and staff.

Recreational Director: has taught fitness, interactive games and meet and greets on major cruise lines and resorts throughout the world, including Club Med.

Talent & Entertainment Manager: Eccentric Talent - Manager of Iridescence Mermaids - a mermaids and sea creatures circus troupe.

Current Staff of Resort: we intend to retain the high caliber current staff as we take over ownership of this outstanding property which currently has the highest ratings on peer to peer travel sites such as Trip Advisor.


Developer of Kapalua Resort in Maui, has brokered sales of over $540 million in fractional ownership units at Kapalua and Grand Sierra Nevada.

Adult Tour Operator: largest US travel agency for adult only travel with 50,000 clients and relationships with lifestyle and naturist club leaders with club memberships in the millions.

Former General Manager of the Hacienda Hot Springs Hotel in Desert Hot Springs - a property owner and part time resident of Desert Hot Springs since 2002. When the business first opened, she helped  set up various systems and procedures, as well as  developing and launching a spa program. She then managed the property and the business. During this time she was a member of the Hoteliers Association of Desert Hot Springs. With a 15+ year back ground in marketing and advertising, she currently runs a catering business in Los Angeles. She will be our second go-to person for advice on local politics, supplies and operations, and kitchen design.

Security & Loss Mitigation: a real “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, former spies, expert in threat and vulnerability assessments, intercultural communication, advanced organizational training.

Legal Counsel - full service business law firm that serves both domestic and international clients with offices in California and Colorado, US.

Quotes from: Palm Springs Life, April 2008 edition

Population statistics from U.S. Census Bureau

*All photos are representations of the ambiance, entertainment, and amenities of the resort we plan to purchase.

We will create a tasteful, private and mature as well as sensual vacation (Think of Cirque de Soliel’s R-rated Zoomanity show, which incorporates some amount of audience interaction and a sense of wonder and awe with a sensual twist.)